When I first had kids, it seemed like washing laundry and picking up the mess was a full-time job! I certainly didn't have time to actually clean.

I was OVERWHELMED!create a cleaning schedule that works for you

Reluctantly, I started a morning and evening routine for regular maintenance like laundry, kitchen clean up, and quick pick ups.

Things started to improve! So I kicked it up a notch and tried a cleaning schedule.

The thing is, every house cleaning checklist I found didn't work with my house and they didn't really fit with my schedule. So I decided to do a little upfront work and create a customized cleaning schedule; one that was perfect for me!

Using a customized cleaning schedule was a game changer for the cleanliness of my house.

So I did what any good cleaning blogger would do and shared it with the world!

Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule was launched in 2010 - and just recently revised and expanded to include more content, fillable pdf's, and videos to walk you through the process of inputting your customized cleaning schedule into project management tools like Trello, Asana, Google Calendar, and even 3x5 index cards. It's helped thousands of women just like you make a customized cleaning plan.

Pre-made templates can work in a pinch, but they aren't the best solution. Why?

Because you are unique!

  • Your home is different than mine.
  • Your schedule is different than mine.
  • Your family size is different than mine.
  • Your cleaning preferences are different than mine.

When you create a customized cleaning schedule, it doesn't matter if:

  • you have a 1 bedroom apartment or a 5 bedroom house.
  • you are a stay-at-home mom, work-at-home parent, work outside the home full-time, work outside the home part-time, or a combination of those options.
  • you are single,  a couple, or have a house full of kids.
  • you like a spotless home or just want to maintain with the least amount of effort.

You are unique. That means you need a house cleaning schedule that is perfect for you and only you!

Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule:

  • is a short, easy instruction manual.

  • will walk you step-by-step through the creation process.

  • gives you tips to get the entire family involved with home cleaning.

  • is designed to get you organized and systematized fast!


There are videos walking you through adding your Customized Cleaning Schedule to tools like:

  • Trellotrello asana google calendar cleaning schedule
  • Asana
  • Google Calendar
  • 3x5 rotating index cards
  • paper planner

Fillable pdf's, spreadsheet, and google doc templates are included to help you brainstorm the chores YOU want completed in YOUR home.

 fillable pdf images

I've even included ideas to help you:

  • Set up a morning and evening routine
  • Assign chores to your family members
  • Delegate tasks to paid service workers

The best part is I walk you through the actions steps you need to take before you implement your cleaning schedule!

cleaning schedule that works for you

  • The new version of the Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule is awesome...thank you!

Creating a customized cleaning schedule will take a bit of upfront work, but it WILL be worth it!

You're entire family will know what to clean, when to clean, and how often to clean. Cleaning your home will take less effort because it will be cleaned consistently! That's almost as good as having your very own cleaning genie!