Your Kitchen Sink Drain Can Look New Again: Baking Soda, Vinegar, and a Secret Ingredient

Let’s face it. Garbage disposals and sink drains can get plain ol’ nasty. Food scraps and liquid settle around the sink drain and eventually a gross, grimy residue builds up around the drain.

I personally like to use a vinegar and baking soda mixture to shine my kitchen sink and drain. A sprinkle baking soda and a small amount of vinegar is all it takes. It’s kind of silly, but I always get a little giddy when the mixture begins to foam. I think it’s because the bubbles remind me of volcano experiments always displayed at my elementary school science fair. 

There’s just one problem with using vinegar and baking soda in the kitchen sink: It’s liquid. That means it goes down the drain…quickly! Especially a large drain opening like those found around a kitchen sink!

The bubbles can’t work their magic when they’re only around for a couple of seconds!

On a day when my kitchen sink drain was particularly dirty, I pulled out the vinegar and baking soda to clean it. I knew it needed more than a couple of seconds of bubbly cleaning power so I was trying to figure out how to make it sit around the drain longer. And then it hit me. It was staring me right in the face: liquid dish detergent.

vinegar + baking soda + secret ingredient

I squirted liquid dish soap carefully so it was covering the drain walls. THEN I added baking soda. The baking soda stuck to the dish soap, so when I poured in the vinegar it bubbled….and bubbled…and bubbled some more. The mixture stayed around the kitchen sink drain for well over 10 minutes just working away.

I finally grabbed a scrub brush, gave the sink and drain a good cleaning, then rinsed the mixture away.

The drain around the sink and garbage disposal looked brand new again! 

Such a simple tip. But it made a big impact!

So, how do you keep your kitchen drain clean?



    • iDreamOfClean says

      Yes, baking soda works wonders in the sink! I may not have explained it well but I’m really talking about the hard to scrub places near and in the drain. Depending on the sink, it can be difficult to get in all the crevices. Plus, the vinegar bubbles help the lazy (um…busy?) cleaner :)

  1. Joni says

    The best thing I have used for removal of any grime (including the mold in your shower) is 1 part bleach, 1 part shaving cream (yup). Works great if you just let it set for a while and wipe it down and rinse it off. Make sure you have good ventilation and gloves. But its great for heavy mold!!!!

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