The Easy Way to Dust

I don’t dust.

Well, not in the traditional sense.

I mostly wipe furniture down with a rag and all-purpose spray as I clean other areas. Don’t tell anyone because I pretty much only wipe down what I can see. Since I’m not the tallest girl on the block, I’m pretty sure I miss the top half of every room!  The top of bookshelves, top of the refrigerator, anything sitting on a surface causing me to move it before cleaning…it’s all covered in dust.

But you know what? There’s an easy way to dust. And since the purpose of this ‘ol website is to share cleaning tips and tricks to make cleaning EASY, I have the perfect tip to share with you today!

The easy way to dust:

Can you tell what that is in the picture? It’s a car wash mitt!

There are three reasons I think using this handy little tool makes dusting the easiest cleaning job on the planet:

  1. Car wash mitts usually come in packages of two. 2 hands + 2 mitts = speed dusting!
  2. Car wash mitts come in microfiber. Dust clings to microfiber making it a one stop cleaning tool. If you can’t find microfiber, you could always spray the mitt with dusting spray…it’s just one teeny, tiny extra step.
  3. Car wash mitts make it fun for kids to dust. Delegation is the absolute easiest way to dust, right? Turn on some music and let your kids go to town with these puppies. They’ll have your entire home dust-free in no time. Well, at least the bottom three feet of your home!

Is that the easiest way to dust you’ve heard about? Or do you have a better way? I’d love to hear about it!

Okay…I’m off to actually dust now that I don’t have any more excuses…

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  1. says

    I don’t dust and I really should. My son has bad asthma and I know I should do it! So the dust clings to the mitt and doesn’t just spread it around?

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