Spring Cleaning Checklist: Floors (STEP 2)

If you have kids at home, I bet the floors in your house can get dirty in a hurry. Maybe even if you don’t! Take some time this Spring to deep clean your floors.

Spring Cleaning Checklist: Floors 

spring  clean the floors in your home

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Materials Needed:

Cleaning is a million times easier when you have the right products. Here are some of my favorite supplies when it comes to cleaning the floors.

  1. Broom – everyone needs a good broom and dustpan
  2. Vacuum – with attachments to get under furniture and around edges
  3. Hardwood cleaner 
  4. Tile cleaner – here’s my take on the best steam mop
  5. Carpet cleaner
  6. Small cleaning brush  – if you need to scrub furniture or baseboards
  7. Nylon pan scraper – to easily remove dried food

Cleaning the floors:

For efficient cleaning of your floors, start sweeping the upper level of your home, then stairs, then the bottom level. Then vacuum every inch of your carpet. Remove stains and set up a time to have your carpets professionally cleaned. Finally, deep clean hard-surfaced floors like tile and hardwood. You’ll see your reflection in no time! 

  1. Sweep hard-surfaced floors 
  2. Clean baseboards (use a soft broom or old toothbrush to gently remove dust and debris from crevices)
  3. Vacuum carpet (don’t forget the edges, under furniture, and even closets)
  4. Shampoo carpet (determine if you want to DIY or hire a professional carpet cleaner) 
  5. Clean hardwood (check with your manufacture to determine the best type of cleaning product for your floors)
  6. Scrub tile and linoleum (move the refrigerator, stove, and other items you don’t clean under on a regular basis)

Happy Spring Cleaning! 

By the way, have you joined the 3rd annual Spring Cleaning Challenge yet? 

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