Regular Maintenance and Cleaning Keeps Our Possessions in Good Shape

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Do you like to clean? I sure don’t. In fact, I recently made a list of 10 things I’d rather do than clean. Even though most of the reasons are good ones (i.e. spend time with people), I’d like to discuss a reason you and I should make it a habit to clean.

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning Keeps Our Possessions in Good Shape

My husband and I have often talked about how most inventions are upgrades to things already available to us. The Blue Ray is a little better DVD player which is a little better VCR. The iPad is a little bigger iTouch which is a little better iPod/mp3 player which is a smaller version of a CD Player which is a better quality than a cassette tape which is a bit smaller than an eight track.

The examples are endless.

We live in a society where newer is nicer and bigger is better. Why should we worry about keeping something as simple as a cleaning a slow cooker or taking care of our shoes when we can just buy new ones when they wear out. So many things that aren’t disposable are often treated as such.

I’m always curious as to why we keep buying new things that basically do the same thing as something we already own. Is it because we need it? Do we just want it? Or could it be that we’re just trying to keep up with the Joneses?

Lest you think I’m not guilty of these things, let me assure you that I’ve “upgraded” for all three of those reasons. However, I’ve noticed that when my current possessions have be regularly cleaned and maintained, I’m less likely to upgrade “just because.”

A few years ago a lady was being filmed for a TV show because she was a bit neurotic about cleaning her kitchen appliances after cooking. If she used the mixer, she would scrub and scour every nook and crannie until it sparkled like new. She would not rest until it looked like it just came out of the box! At the time I probably thought she was a little (okay, a lot) obsessive about her belongings. However, now I’ve realized that even though the reasoning behind her obsession may have been off, the idea has some merritt.

Take that mixer she was so worried about cleaning. My tendency is to put the bowl and the beaters in the sink but just leave the gook on the mixer and throw it in the back of the cabinet. Over time, though, that left on food will make the paint will chip, rust certain parts of the mixer, and sometimes the food even gets jammed into the motor. That causes the mixer to either quit working or make me want a new one!

Just a little maintenance will keep the mixer looking new and allow me to put my money towards more important things.

I know the mixer is just a silly little example, but the principle can be applied to everything we own from our houses and cars to our furniture and clothes. If we’re going to have this “stuff” in our lives, we might as well take care of it!
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  1. says

    Funny that you used the mixer as your example – I’m a little obsessive about my Kitchen Aid! When I got it for Christmas a few years ago, I had been wanting one for forever, so I decided to take super good care of it to ensure I had it for a long, long time. I might not make it look brand new every time, BUT, I never put it away without cleaning it.

    • iDreamOfClean says

      Hey, when you have something that’s supposed to last for years to come, seems beneficial to take care of it. Just maybe not obsessively. There’s definitely more to like than “stuff”. I figure that as long as I have some, I should take care of it…but, be willing to let it go/give it away/etc. if needed. As for the lady on the show, I don’t want to presume to know her heart but they portrayed her as almost “worshiping” her kitchen appliances. Kind of like scrubbing them down with a toothbrush, then polishing them and even waxing them (not literally…but almost!).

      • says

        I totally hear ya on being willing to let go. It’s one thing to take care of something because you want to be a good steward and then completely different when that something has become an “idol” in your life.

  2. says

    I agree and admit I am somewhat slack on doing just that. My sister on the other hand is a neat freak. I think a balance has to be achieved cause you don’t want to make someone crazy as she has a tendency to do, like make your bed when you simply got up to pee and paln on going back to bed.. I have seen her do just that. her roommate simply gets back in teh made up bed lol..

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