How to Clean the House Fast

how to clean your house faster

Do you need to clean the house, but don’t feel like spending all day tidying up? Are you so incredibly overwhelmed with the messiness of your house, that you don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you just lack motivation to clean your home…again? Well, today I want to share a little trick I’ve learned that has […]

Systematically Organize Your Photos

We spent some time decluttering our digital photos yesterday. But getting your photos off your phone and camera are just the beginning. Today, let’s spend a few minutes systematically organizing your photos from yesterday. If you jumped ahead, go back to an older album. Ready? Let’s go! Supplies Needed: iPhoto / dropbox / external hardrive  your mad organizational skills Instructions: […]

Spring Clean and Organize Your Freezer

spring cleaning the freezer

Since we cleaned the refrigerator yesterday, it seems appropriate to clean and organize the freezer today, right? Let’s get started! Supplies Needed: all purpose cleaner kitchen dishcloth Instructions to Spring Clean and Organize Your Freezer: 1. Dump the ice Every once in a while I like to clean out the ice container. Liquids spill making […]

Clean the Microwave

We’re touching up some areas around the kitchen this week. So how about tackling the microwave today? Of course we all know that it’s easy to keep your microwave clean if you wipe it out after every use. I’m pretty sure very few people actually put that into practice! For those of us in the latter […]