No Scrub Solution to Clean Your Oven :: Your Guide to a Clean & Organized Kitchen – Step 10

As we continue on this journey to clean and organize the kitchen, we’re moving on to a cleaning task that I’m embarrassed to say I’ve only done twice…maybe three times…in my entire life. The Oven.

Any time I’ve cleaned my oven in the past, I’ve used the self-cleaning feature. The oven door locks, it heats up to a bajillion degrees, and 6 hours later, the oven door unlocks and it’s magically clean!

There’s something about using all that energy that makes me feel like it’s a waste. Not to mention the fact that I’m paranoid to even be in the kitchen for fear of getting burned (I know it’s mental). However, I’ve decided to not use the self-cleaning feature anymore unless absolutely necessary.

Using  just a little bit of physical energy can save a ton of electric energy (or gas). It will also save money! 

Conventional oven cleaners certainly work well: Spray, let it soak for a few minute and wipe away.

But since we’re cleaning an appliance that food bakes in for hours, I personally wanted to stay away from chemicals. Alas, I tried a tried and true combination. And even though baked food was caked on my oven walls and floor – due solely to faulty pans, I’m sure :) – it worked!


No Scrub Solution to Clean Your Oven


  • Using my favorite kitchen tool ever, the nylon pan scraper, scrape the oven floor gently to remove what’s not completely stuck on.  
  • Then sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the oven, focusing heavily on the dirtiest areas.
  • Next, spray or pour vinegar over baking soda.
  • Allow the mixture to work its magic until the bubbling stops.
  • Use the awesome scraper again (if needed).
  • Wipe away debris with towel. 
  • Repeat if necessary.

This method is an effective, natural way to clean your oven. It’s green cleaning at it’s best!

Now it’s time to get to work and clean your oven! You can use a conventional oven cleaner, this baking soda/vinegar mixture, or the self-cleaning option. Your choice!

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  1. JaDe Rain says

    I will boil some water and throw it in the bottom of the oven. My oven is so old it has a rotary clock. But I was able to get the bottom so clean it looked almost new. And if I cared enough to put in elbow grease I would have probably got all the way there. I just wanted it to stop smelling like I burned everything I cooked :) I am sold on your site just because you use vinegar and baking soda to clean. That plus Dawn (mixed with baking soda to a toothpaste consistency) cleans everything I own. I take that back, Cascade pods cannot be beat.

  2. Ann says

    This is fantastic! I’ve made great strides in cleaning the kitchen this month. Even without your daily posts (which I miss!), I am trying to keep at it each day. Hoping you are not ill.

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