How to Fix a Mattress that Sinks in the Middle

You probably think you’ll never need to know how to fix a mattress that sinks in the middle, right? Well, I didn’t either. Until a few months ago. And now I’m so glad I learned! Let me tell you why…

Almost twelve years ago, my husband and I were given a queen mattress as a wedding gift. It was such a blessing at the time because shelling out a few hundred dollars for  – well, anything – wasn’t in the budget. That mattress provided a nice place to lay our sleepy heads for well over a decade. Unfortunately, mattresses manufactured these days aren’t built to last much longer than ten years. A few months ago we finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a new one.

We were ecstatic when a friend told us about a store that sells surplus mattresses and models no longer being manufactured. They assured us we would be able to find a good deal on a great mattress.

The store was more of a warehouse, but there were definitely some good deals! So good in fact, that we decided to upgrade to a king sized mattress! We were able to purchase a king mattress for much less than a regular queen mattress. We were pumped at the thought of all that room we would each have.

It was delivered and set up. That night I jumped in bed ready to get comfortable, read a book, and then get some sleep.

But when I got in…I sank. I sank down a good 6-9 inches into the mattress. What? Weird. I hopped on over to the other side and it sank too. Seriously?

The sinking mattress was perplexing to me, especially since it was supposed to be a FIRM mattress. I always thought firm mattresses were like bricks. But no, this mattress was firm around the edges, it was firm right down the middle, but it was soft and sinking on either side where you sleep.

how to fix a mattress that sinks in the middle


I’m really not that picky when it comes to sleep. Really, I’m not. I can sleep on a couch, the floor, just about anywhere. But trying to sleep on this king sized mattress was more like trying to sleep in a hammock. And if I wanted a hammock, I would have saved a few dollars and gotten a hammock. Know what I mean? :)

If this mattress was just taken off the manufacturing line and we had purchased it at a traditional retailer, we would have taken this sinking mattress back in a heartbeat. Or called the manufacturer. But no. We got ours from a discount store that wouldn’t take our mattress back.

All I knew is that I had to find a way to fix this sagging king size mattress and eliminate the 6-9 inch dip on both sides.

How to Fix a Mattress that Sinks in the Middle

I racked my brain for days and finally had a lightbulb moment. Pillows. They’re soft, squishy, small….maybe, just maybe they would help.

My husband and I arranged a couple of small pillows in between the mattress and box springs right where the dip was in the mattress. We held our breath and tried it out. MUCH better. A little off, but no sinking. We adjusted the pillows a bit more and voila! A non-hammock mattress. A normal mattress!

Maybe one day we’ll be able to get a new, better, non-sinking mattress. Until then, the pillows are doing the trick!

It seems kind of ridiculous to even have to share this information, but if any of you are suffering from a sinking mattress, I want you to know that placing a one or two pillows under it just may save your back. Or your marriage!

Have you ever had a mattress sink in the middle? Did you do anything about it?


  1. says

    We actually bought a very expensive pillow top mattress about 4 years ago. We did not have the sinking problem. However, about 2 years latter. You could see the indentations where my husband and I sleep. It seems like no matter how much you spend on mattress’s these days. It is going to happen. I may just try that trick.

  2. mendez says

    Our bed was given to us a gift but turns out to be sinking and is killing our backs, I am definitely gonna try this seems like a “light bulb” idea thanks

  3. Lissa says

    Yep, recently I have began to feel that sinking feeling in my 9 year old mattress…luckily I have a surplus of pillows, so I will definitely be giving this a try.


  4. Barbara Medeiros says

    wow our mattress is pretty old & have been thinking of getting a new one but due to finances we just got a 4 inch memory foam mattress pad, now I’m thinking when that quits to just replace that…seems new mattresses don’t last much longer. We have a wooden base with drawers so we don’t have a box spring, just plywood and I think that is what has made our mattress last so long!

  5. says

    I purchased a new mattress about a year ago. Within a few months (actually longer than the previous one I purchased) there is dip right where my bottom lies. This is very frustrating!! I squiggle around to try to make it work every night, but I shouldn’t have to. Unfortunately mine is not a separate mattress and box springs ~ these are together, with no way to separate them and place a pillow. I have tried putting a towel or pillow under the mattress pad, but it just doesn’t work ~ making it a very uneven surface. Any other ideas? When I spend over a thousand dollars, I expect a better quality.

  6. says

    Why not try my Mattress Helper product made of durable poly foam which you place between the mattress and box spring in the area that sags. Works great. 5 Star Reviews on Amazon, Walmart etc. thanks

  7. Stephanie says

    I immediately put a body pillow where our bed was sinking and it fixed our problem IMMEDIATELY. You have no idea how much this advice has helped us. I’m so excited for my first night of sleep. Thank you so much!!!!

  8. says

    My hubby and I had all of the above mentioned problems and no way do we have the money to replace it. I have read and read and finally decided that placing the pillows under the mattress was the answer but the problem I had no idea of how bad those pillows would scoot around. So I was looking thru the net to find a solution.What I wound up doing was taking a twin sized sheet and folding it into three folds with one side being about four inches wider than the other. I then sewed the ends closed after that I measured the side of three queen sized pillows and marked that width all the way down the length of the sheet. when I finished that I had pockets similar to a pillow sham and I stuffed one pillow into each pocket and had hubby raise the mattress and laid the whole thing under the side of the mattress. I did this for both sides . so far its holding up great.If it begins to flatten out ill replace the pillows with five dollar pillows from Walmart and the great thing is that it don’t move around.

  9. Bill A says

    I have been dealing with a sagging foam mattress for over a year. I spend hundreds on a latex topper to no avail. I tried the pillows but was too bulky. I then placed two yoga mats on top of each other and so far so good. Thanks for sharing

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