Do One Thing: An Introduction

I’ve been reading the comments on my How to Get Organized in 24 Hours post and have come to the realization that so many of us have the same problem when it comes to cleaning and organization: Getting Started. When you see the piles of paper sitting on the desk, the mountain of laundry piled on the floor, or your mile long “To Do” list, it can be overwhelming! So overwhelming, in fact, that you don’t know where to start. What usually happens in that circumstance? To often, the answer is absolutely nothing. I’ve been there. Actually, I’m there now!

The truth is, though, we’d be much more productive to just do one thing. File one paper. Pay one bill. Put one load of laundry in the wash. Run one errand. Make one phone call. Memorize one verse. Read one page… The list is endless.

Have you heard the saying:

“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

I don’t know many people who really want to eat an elephant. But, if they wanted to…I guess they could! The “one bite” trick works! Try applying it to other areas of your life.

How do you play with your kids?

One minute at a time.

How do you load a dishwasher?

One dish at a time.

How do you read a book?

One page at a time.

How do you finish a project?

One step at a time.

It works for just about everything. What’s one thing you can do today?


    • iDreamOfClean says

      lol! I’m soooo with you! I didn’t write a paper in college because I couldn’t pick a topic. There were so many topics floating around in my head, but I never wanted to actually pick one!! Luckily (for both of us) this is the first post of a series. So, I’ll be giving suggestions of “one thing” we can do each week. Here’s a suggestion…..your one thing for today, is to pick one thing to do tomorrow :-)

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