DIY: Homemade Magic Eraser

The Magic Eraser can sometimes seem like a miracle worker. It can clean anything from soap scum to scuff marks to kitchen appliances. It cuts elbow grease in half and takes the work out of cleaning!

But, did you know you can make your own version at home? A homemade magic eraser!


I looked on the back of a Magic Eraser package the other day and noticed there weren’t any ingredients listed. That seemed very odd to me since just about every cleaning product out there has some kind of ingredient. I did a quick search and found out Magic Erasers are made of a product called melamine foam.

And did you know you can buy melamine foam straight up?

It’s probably available in home improvement stores but I couldn’t find any at mine. I did find it on Amazon though! And you know I buy everything I can online since most stores don’t have drive through windows 😉

Be aware that most of the reviews state that actual Magic Erasers are bigger than buying plain melamine foam. So, ounce per ounce, you may not save much money by not buying the name brand.

If there’s ever a shortage of Magic Erasers, though, you’ll at least know how to come up with a replacement!

What’s your favorite use for the Magic Eraser?


  1. Megan Salisbury says

    I adore the magic eraser! I discovered their magic when my kids were expressing themselves through crayon wall art. Now I use them in every room of the house. They work wonders on the shower and tub.

  2. April says

    I’m a housekeeper by trade. Magic Erasers are one of our “must-have” products. My personal favorite is the way the Magic Eraser cleans a stainless steel sink! Shine shine shine! Even with just water, but for a little polishing effect, either baking soda or a little Windex will bring you a WOW factor!

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