Clean Under the Sink :: Your Guide to a Clean & Organized Kitchen :: Step 24

Cabinets under the kitchen sink are usually reserved for storage. Maybe it’s because of the odd-shaped space caused by the pipes. Perhaps it’s because it the closest cabinet to the dishwasher. There’s a chance we put everything from cleaning supplies to plastic wrap under the sink just because our moms did. Whatever the reason, let’s take a few minutes today to organize and clean under the sink.

Step 24 :: Clean Under the Sink

First, take everything out from under the sink.

Then group items by category – cleaning ingredients, cleaning supplies, plastic wrap/aluminum foil, miscellaneous items.

Next see if you can combine anything. Do you have multiple bottles of glass cleaner that you could combine into one bottle? Do you have 3 half opened packages of kitchen sponges?

Then determine if one ore more organizational systems would help organize the cabinet.

  • Tention curtain rods can be placed inside the cabinet to hang spray bottles.
  • Baskets can corral groups of sponges, dishrags, or other supplies.
  • Door organizers are perfect for organizing wraps and foils.
  • Under the sink organizers are perfect for oddly shaped cabinets. I have this one and love it!
Finally, place everything back in an organized fashion and enjoy your newly organized cabinet!

Do you use the cabinet under the sink for something other than cleaning supplies?

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