Spring Clean Your Phone

Today we’re tackling something we often forget to clean…your phone. This chore will probably be super easy; especially if you’re actually reading this task on your phone! So no excuses, okay?!?! Let’s Spring Clean our phones! Spring Clean Your Phone Supplies Needed: microfiber cell phone cleaning cloth (for smart phones) cotton ball & rubbing alcohol and/or cell phone […]

Clean Your Grill

Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating Independence Day here in the U.S. Of course it’s just July 4th for everyone else. But whether you’re celebrating or it’s just a typical day, take some time to clean your grill today. It’s super easy…well, it’s easy if you get your husband to do it like I do Since I haven’t researched grill cleaning too […]

Minions Inspired Chore Chart (Daily Checklist for Young Kids)

My 3 year old is a Minions fanatic. He has Despicable Me pajamas, sunglasses, movies, and now…a Minions inspired daily routine checklist (chore chart). It’s an easy checklist to follow: make up bed get dressed brush teeth read put away toys. Nothing too challenging. But using this chore chart has helped him build a routine […]

July Spring Cleaning 365 Calendar

If you’re new here, welcome! You’ve jumped on board at the exact right time. If you’re a regular, this is the perfect month to keep following along because we are going to cover some major ground in our homes this month. We’ll clean and organize a few of those techie areas. We’ll clean our furniture, floors, kitchen […]