5 Steps to Deep Clean Your Closet and Streamline Your Wardrobe

I’m not sure which is worse – waking up on a Monday or trying to choose a smart outfit before you’ve had a cup of coffee. Whether it’s a sassy suit for the workplace or your favorite yoga attire, Monday’s and mornings are more tolerable when you know exactly what you’re going to wear.

How do you know what to wear, you may be asking?


By scanning your neatly organized closet and selecting an outfit that’s at your fingertips.

deep clean closets streamline wardrobe.jpg

If your closet is anything but neatly organized, it’s time to deep clean your closet!

If that seems like a completely overwhelming task, don’t worry. I’m about to give you some simple, easy to follow instructions.

Come on over on the Easy Closets blog to find out what they are! 

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