Easy Way to Clean Your Computer Monitor

How clean is your computer? If you look closely, I bet there’s dust and fingerprints all over your computer monitor. That probably means your view isn’t as clear as it could be. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to clean your computer monitor.   Supplies Needed: iKlear or something similar Instructions: Thankfully today’s chore is super quick. When it […]

Spring Clean Your Phone

Today we’re tackling something we often forget to clean…your phone. This chore will probably be super easy; especially if you’re actually reading this task on your phone! So no excuses, okay?!?! Let’s Spring Clean our phones! Spring Clean Your Phone Supplies Needed: microfiber cell phone cleaning cloth (for smart phones) cotton ball & rubbing alcohol and/or cell phone […]

Clean Your Grill

Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating Independence Day here in the U.S. Of course it’s just July 4th for everyone else. But whether you’re celebrating or it’s just a typical day, take some time to clean your grill today. It’s super easy…well, it’s easy if you get your husband to do it like I do Since I haven’t researched grill cleaning too […]

Minions Inspired Chore Chart (Daily Checklist for Young Kids)

My 3 year old is a Minions fanatic. He has Despicable Me pajamas, sunglasses, movies, and now…a Minions inspired daily routine checklist (chore chart). It’s an easy checklist to follow: make up bed get dressed brush teeth read put away toys. Nothing too challenging. But using this chore chart has helped him build a routine […]